BOLD Business

Have you always wanted to start your own business, but don’t know where to start?
Do you have lots of ideas and want help to focus and get cracking?
Perhaps you have already started your business, but want to refocus and get re-energised for your next step…
Our two day BOLD Business masterclass will help you get the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CONCRETE STEPS to make it happen!
We use a unique, creative and holistic approach that will be fun whilst being very action-focused. Our method:
  • Starts with you – help you get clarity around your values, what’s important to you, and create a vision for a future business that works with that.
  • Clarifies your business idea – help you define and narrow your ideas and build a clear picture of the future business you want to create.
  • Creates a concrete action plan to get started – provide the steps, resources, knowledge and connections you’ll need to succeed.

Spend two days with us at our BOLD Business Bootcamp in an inspiring, creative and supportive environment, working alongside a small group of like-minded women. By focusing on you and taking a holistic approach to clarifying your business idea, you will be starting with the best possible foundations to create something that works for you for years to come. At the end of the masterclass you will be confident about your business idea and clear about the next steps to take it forwards.

Please note, we run the BOLD Business Masterclass on-demand with a minimum of 4 participants. The Masterclass can be conducted in person or online. Please contact us for details.

The first day of the weekend provides a framework for personal reflection; really getting to the heart of your personal motivations and aspirations for your business and work within your life. We work with your personal values and build out a vision for the business that fits within your life, for now, and the future.

The second day is all about planning, so we use our proven goal-setting structure to help you mind-map your entire business and then break it down into actionable chunks. We cover the two mighty topics of overwhelm and motivation, to give you strategies to ensure you are staying happy, healthy and balanced as you work on your business, setting good habits for now and your future as an entrepreneur.

As we move through the weekend you will be building your own unique business-building dossier, documenting your reflections, creating your vision, and mapping your plan for the next 3 months to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

Covering subjects such as vision boarding, personal finance, networking, and resilience. These support our holistic approach and are helpful when either starting a business, or at any point in your work, life and career.

Please note, we run the BOLD Business Masterclass on-demand with a minimum of 4 participants.  Please contact us for details.