BOLD Women

If you’ve taken a career break you may feel like the world has passed you by, with changes everywhere, whether technology, attitudes, language, everything! But you may also have different priorities and perspectives since you last entered the world of work and you could do with some focused time to really work out what is important to you and which direction you want to take next.

Perhaps your children have left home and now you are returning to focus on you, and need some help with your direction and to tune back into what you really want?

You may want to start up a new business or become a freelancer, work on community projects to make a difference, or spend more time nurturing your creative side… so many possibilities!

And of course, you may have lots of ideas but lack the confidence to think it through, know where to start and make it happen. Well, BOLD are here to help.

BOLD run dedicated programmes to help women looking to return to work, or start on a new direction, after a career break.

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