BOLD Goals

A global tribe of like-minded women who are interested in life, getting stuff done, and having fun along the way. Join us in 2019 for an adventure in dreaming, planning and doing!

Groups currently running in Oxford, London, and Hong Kong. View and book all events through our Facebook page.


Do you know what you want to be, do, or feel in 2019? At the start of the year do you get caught up in a frenzy of setting New Year’s Resolutions and then struggle to keep them? Or perhaps you avoid all mention of New Year’s Resolutions in conversation – you know they haven’t worked for you in the past.

At BOLD Goals we aim to get the New Year off to the best start by taking you through a series of steps to focus on the things that really matter to you – and creating your own, personal and unique Vision for your life for the year. We step through the key areas of your life, reflecting, capturing, and projecting your ideas and dreams in order to create a Vision board and ultimately a few simple but “bold” goals that are sustainable, and most importantly, tied into your personal values and priorities. Only then can you start to take steps towards making them happen – and that is what BOLD Goals is all about!

Our Vision workshop is the first of our monthly sessions across 2019, which build out into a support and accountability group to help you make progress with your goals. You can attend this first workshop to build your Vision, and if you want to continue with us for the whole year, you can join the programme after completing this first workshop.

2019 is our 6th year of running the programme and we have seen huge success of our participants, setting and achieving goals, big and small, in all areas of their lives. Want to start focusing on what really matters to you? We’d love to help you – please come along to our kick off event for the year!
Open now for 2019 – Get your tickets for the BOLD Goals 2019 full programme here

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So, why is BOLD Goals for you?

As a member of BOLD Goals you will benefit from:

Access to all the BOLD Goals sessions we run in 2019, across any of our 3 global locations:

– 3 x 3 hour morning workshops in January, May, and September
– 8 x 2 hour monthly sessions on Monday evenings (7-9pm), the other months (except August)

– You can attend multiple monthly sessions in any of our locations; Oxford, London, or Hong Kong

– Invitation to our summer weekend retreat(out in nature, getting away from it all!)

– Discounts on our BOLD Events (including Inner Critic workshop, Finance workshop, and more), as well as our other courses, including BOLD Business workshops.

– Printed 100 page BOLD Goals journal , with exercises, planning tools, and a place to track and monitor your progress

– Access to our private Facebook community, providing support and content throughout the year

– Materials to create a vision board, at the start of the year, and to be updated throughout

The format and structure of the BOLD Goals programme means that you will benefit from:

Accountability – by committing to be with us for a year and accountability to your classmates through monthly meetups, you are more likely to stick to your promises and goals.

Structure – Our annual programme starts with a Dreaming and Planning session where you carefully lay out your resolutions for the year, and then using tools and rituals each month you will follow our tried and tested structure to guide you through the year. Each month has a theme with key content and exercises to get greater insight into your motivations and challenges. We create a Vision board at the start of the year and work with the board throughout, mapping your journey and gaining insights and clarity throughout the year.

Peer support – One of the most powerful aspects of our Club is the variety of women who come along. A wide range of experiences and backgrounds ensures that the conversations, ideas, and networks you are gaining access to is rich and exceptionally valuable. You could meet your next business partner or running buddy – or both!

Access to amazing content and expertise – The sessions provide a rich mix of personal development ideas and expertise. Either as presentations or video content from top experts in a variety of different specialties, to ideas offered from your peers, each month you will have access to discussions and presentations on an inspirational theme, along with workbooks and exercises to complete as part of a reflection and action section.

A supportive and encouraging environment – we believe in the power of women coming together and exploring ideas, as well as learning and supporting each other. All our sessions are delivered in a safe and confidential environment where you are encouraged to stretch your comfort zone where appropriate and speak openly and freely without judgement.

All this, and you’ll create a delicious momentum in your life as you start rapidly achieving your goals.

But don’t just take our word for it – read our member testimonials here.

It has been inspiring and motivating being part of a group of goal-oriented women looking to grow, on purpose. It’s been a year of celebrating achievements small and large, regularly checking in on longer term goals and measurable milestones and finding time and space for ourselves. Thank you!” NYRC member for 2016


View dates for our sister locations, London and Hong Kong.

Dates and themes for 2019
January 19th (Saturday, 9.30am-12.30pm) – theme VISION

February 18th (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme SOURCE

March 18th (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme BOLD

April 15th (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme DRIVE

May 18th (Saturday, 9.30am – 12.30pm) – theme HARMONY

June 17th (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme AWE

July 22nd (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme JOY

August 17th/18th – Summer Break (weekend retreat) – theme REPLENISH

September 21st (Saturday, 9.30am – 12.30pm) – theme CLEAR

October 21st (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme RISING STRONG

November 18th (Monday, 7-9pm) – theme GRATITUDE

December 16th (Monday 7-9pm) – theme CELEBRATION

View and sign up to all our events on our Facebook page.


Our Oxford sessions are in the Blue Room, upstairs at St Aldate’s Tavern (Map).

We also have sister groups running in London and Hong Kong. As a member you are welcome at sessions in all of our locations.

The History of BOLD Goals

BOLD Goals started life as the New Year’s Resolution Club, created in 2013 by Annabel Daly and Sarah Jordan and has been running ever since. Sarah and Annabel shared a vision to create a melting pot of all the things they love to do, harnessing their skills and talents they had nurtured over the years. The New Year’s Resolution Club was a manifestation of where passion meets purpose, and a way of bringing like-minded women together to work on their dreams in a creative and fun way, but also providing the support and accountability that is needed to ensure we stick to our plans.

After 4 very successful years, and in response to demand from women in Oxford and further afield, Sarah and Annabel decided to expand the ideas and approach that was being used in the New Year’s Resolution Club to other events and programmes, and , in 2018, BOLD was born. The annual goal-setting programme still sits at the heart of what BOLD deliver, and it’s now known as BOLD Goals.

As women, it’s important we give ourselves the time and energy we deserve to really focus on what is important to us. Our lives, those of those around us, and the world will be a better place if we can get it right!

Ready to join us? Commit now to make 2019 count!